God this has been a rough day. I’m sick as fuck, throat hurts, ear is swollen and can’t hear out of it, runny nose, body aches like a motherfucker. Then to top off a shitty day, i find a needle in my old room at my moms house, i found it in front of my mom and her friend, talk about embarrassing. I told my mom to take it from me and throw it away, i can’t believe i found that. My mom tore my room appart when i cam home from the hospital and went into rehab, how the hell did she miss that?! It was laying by the wall where my bed used to be. I used to hide my shit in a sock under my pillow and when i moved and took my sock, I’m guessing that needle fell out. I was mortified. I’m 7 months sober and that’s the last thing i wanted to see. I already have cravings and have a hell of a time not getting high.. that needle was the last thing i needed to see today. UGH. What a day.